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Save the Postal Service:

The Postal Service has provided stakeholders with another list of the planned changes to the processing network. It’s the largest and most complete list so far. Combining the new list with a couple of previous lists yields a composite list that probably represents about 80 percent of the total consolidation plan.

Industry has been told that there will be 60 to 65 Regional Processing & Delivery Centers (RPDCs); the composite list has 56 RPDCs. The Postal Service has indicated that there will be 180 to 200 Local Processing Centers (LPCs); the composite list has 151 of them. About 30 LPCs will be co-located with an RPDC in the same facility, so overall, the composite list shows about 180 different facilities that will become RPDCs, LPCs, or both. Of these, the 56 RPDCs would be “gaining facilities” and 125 P&DCs would be “losing facilities” that see some of their processing operations consolidated to the RPDCs.