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South Houston TX Local Processing Center Goes Live March 23: (Industry Alert) The South Houston TX Local Processing Center (LPC) will begin operations on March 23, 2024. This activation has seen a new facility designed for its new role functioning as the South Houston TX LPC.  The new operation will be located at: 611 Highway 90 A, Missouri City, TX 77489-9904.  As a Local Processing Centers (LPC), South Houston TX LPC will process letter and flat volumes for delivery. 

Effective March 23rd, the South Houston TX LPC (Locale Key: 020709; NASS Code: 774LP) will begin processing all destinating letters and flats volumes for ZIP Codes 770, 772, and 774.  This SCF destinating volume for these ZIP Codes will move out of North Houston TX 773.  Shippers will still receive the Destination SCF discount for SCF prepped parcels going to 770, 772, and 774 at North Houston TX 773 (NASS Code: 773AX). Effective with the April 1st Label List updates, Destination Entry drop shipments of SCF prepped letters and flats to 770, 772, and 774 will be eligible for Destination SCF discounts at the South Houston TX LPC.