Looking for loads to haul?


Mystic Logistics delivers billions of pieces of mail annually out of our streamlined facility in Robbinsville, NJ.

We use only over-the-road trucks to consistently deliver your freight at an over 90% on-time performance level.

Our high volume allows us to hit over 230 USPS facilities multiple times each and every week.

Drop-shipping your marketing mail brings you:

Complete Transportation Solutions

Our suite of transportation services brings scale efficiencies to your business. By leveraging our large volume and established contracts with a national network of carriers we can offer rates and service levels to rival any industry provider.

We offer centralized visibility to track and trace data and standardized operating procedures. Transport providers achieve higher asset utilization, and the savings are passed on to you. Performance standards are written into every carrier contract, leaving no guesswork about our customer requirements.

Our experienced team of logistics professionals crosses all functional areas, including operations, finance, load planning, dispatch, customer service, and carrier management. From consolidating loads across clients to managing shipments, our team finds every way to improve your operations.

Inbound Logistics

Inbound logistics is a strategic transportation solution providing management and coordination of multi-component shipments, where the components are sourced from different supplier locations. Components are received, temporarily stored awaiting order readiness or completeness, consolidated in our facilities, and delivered as one complete order to your facility or an end customer.

Because the service is provided ‘in-transit’, transportation times are shortened and LTL costs can be substantially lowered, bringing you significant reductions in inventory carrying costs and warehousing capital.

LTL/Direct to Final

Mystic Logistics is a leading provider of complete Truckload, Less-than-Truckload (LTL) and Intermodal transportation solutions in the United States.

Our customer-focused execution consists of:

Targeted In-Home Deliveries

Nearly 20% of all mail we handle has a targeted In-PO / In-Home delivery window, and we have modeled our load-building / routing philosophy around meeting this challenge.

Mystic Logistics is proud to deliver our freight an average of 2 days ahead of our published transit days; but with delivery-date-specific (DDS) freight, being early is not an option.

We have developed database and software systems dedicated to monitoring and managing DDS freight to ensure your critical jobs deliver only when they are allowed to. The result: we are nearly 100% on time with both standard ASAP mailings and DDS mailings.


Mystic Logistics improves your service levels while reducing inventory and labor costs. We focus on driving efficiency and quality into your supply chain through:

Our leadership team has extensive experience in CPG, electronics, food and beverage, medical devices, retail, industrial, garments, and mail consolidation.

We manage all size facilities for your dedicated operation, from existing operations to starting up new operations. We always offer the best solution is to meet your requirements.