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Customer Service

Mystic Logistics’ Customer Service is unparalleled.

With a dedicated staff monitoring exceptions, proactively addressing issues, and remaining in constant contact, you can rest assured that your freight is always in good hands.

Customizable Real Time Reporting

Our customers have full access to real-time reporting – you can report on any set of metrics and filter your data by the parameters of your choice.

We have dozens of existing reports from Invoices to Delivery Confirmations, and if the report you want doesn’t exist, we will create it for you.


Mystic Logistics’ web-based DSMS system has received rave reviews from our clients and the United States Postal Service.

We are also fully ready for eInduction. As your logistics partner, we can help you through the hurdles of implementing new technology every step of the way.

GPS Freight Tracking

Our proprietary system tracks the location of over-the-road freight from the time it leaves our warehouse until its confirmed delivery at the post office.

View the location of your freight in real time using our web-based map.