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USPS Financial Condition Worsening in August

(PostCom Bulletin)With one month of financial reporting left in the current fiscal year, the Postal Service’s results continue to lag expectations. Consistent with recent trends, the Postal Service reported significant declines in market-dominant product volumes, contributing to troubling financial results for the month of August 2023. Competitive product volumes ticked up slightly, but overall postal […]

USPS Gives its Regulator a Budget Boost

The USPS Board of Governors recently approved a $21.12 million budget for the Postal Regulatory Commission in fiscal 2024. USPS said that “combined with the PRC’s other resources,” the commission will have $27.2 million to spend next fiscal year. USPS said the commission’s FY 2024 budget is a 28% spending increase, compared to its estimated […]

USPS Announces Corrections to September EELLS Labeling Lists L004 and L010

The 3-digit ZIP Code 847 was inadvertently omitted from the September publication of the EELLS Labeling List L004.  For the Month of September mailers will need to manually add ZIP Code 847 to L004, ADC LAS VAGAS NV 890 . This will be corrected in the next publication of the new EELLS labeling lists in […]

Postal Service Launches Seven New Sorting and Delivery Centers

Industry Alert The Postal Service will launch seven new sorting and delivery centers (S&DC) around the nation in September 2023.  These S&DCs are an integral part of the Postal Service’s Delivering for America plan to create a best-in-class processing and delivery network.  The S&DCs will revitalize our network of nearly 19,000 delivery units — the […]

USPS July Financial Results Continue Negative Trend

USPS Release / PostCom Bulletin In its most recent financial report, the Postal Service posted a significant net loss as volume declines continue. Consistent with recent trends, the Postal Service reported significant declines in market-dominant product volumes, contributing to disappointing financial results for the month of July 2023. Competitive product volumes ticked up slightly, but […]

USPS Eyes Expansion of a Potentially Major Insourcing Initiative

PostCom Bulletin / Gov Exec The Postal Service has begun insourcing some of its trucking operations, opening the possibility of bringing back in house thousands of jobs that are currently contracted out. The pilot program started in Oklahoma City with 125 insourced jobs late last year and has since expanded to the larger Richmond, Virginia, […]

USPS Claim Process Clarified

(FAST User Group 3 Call Notes) During the call today, the claim process for Industry to follow if there is an accident involving Industry equipment/personnel and the USPS was clarified.  Claims should be filed online within 60 days at www.usps.com/domestic-claims.  The reference is DMM 609 Filing Indemnity Claims for Loss or Damage.

PMG Announces Vice President, Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Industry Alert: Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has announced the appointment of Stephen (Steve) M. Dearing, as Vice President and Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO), effective immediately.  In this role, Steve is responsible for reporting service performance, managing enterprise data sources, leading transformational analytics, and executing advanced modeling across the Postal Service.  Steve has been […]

USPS Announces Marketing Mail Growth Incentives

Industry Alert : The Postal Service has filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission two year-long growth incentives which will encourage mail owners to increase qualifying First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail volumes in Calendar Year 2024 (CY 2024). Each Mail Growth Incentive will offer postage credits equivalent to 30% of the amount by which qualifying CY […]

FAST Appointments at DDUs

Effective, September 11, postal  customers can make FAST appointments at Destination Delivery Units (DDUs). This does not include S&DCs. Customers will have two options when making appointments at DDUs: